Art as a focal point

The Gallery at 2G is an immersive contemporary art exhibition integrated into the lobby of 2 Gansevoort. Created during a recent renovation of the building in 2014, the integrated rotating art gallery is at the core of the lobby redesign. The concept of weaving artwork directly into the fabric of the property is an homage to the company’s first Class-A office development, 711 Third Avenue. Developed in the early 1950s, the Owner/Builder commissioned a tile mosaic mural designed by artist Hans Hoffman that encompassed the entire elevator core of the lobby, which is still on view today.

Upon entering the lobby, which is open to the general public, guests will encounter two floor-to-ceiling, 7- by-12-foot illuminated art portals on the sides of the entrance and further down the lobby, as well as on the ceiling. A massive 18- by-11 foot panel behind is installed behind the lobby desk. This configuration allows visitors to visually immerse themselves in incredible outdoor locales shot by renowned photographers.

Art as a focal point, not an afterthought. What some may find weird, we find whimsical.


Kevin McElvaney is an independent photographer and artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Since the start of his career in 2014, he travelled and worked in more than fifty countries, always driven by his interest in environmental and humanitarian stories. Kevin McElvaneys’ stories reached millions through National Geographic, The Guardian, Stern, The Atlantic, Vice, Wired, Al-Jazeera or Der Spiegel. His work has been exhibited in London, New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Berlin, Edinburgh, Lyon, Milan and Palermo.

Amy Tse