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Here at Sage, we anticipate needs. We strive to deliver first-class property management and hospitality services, whether its effectively managing daily building operations or investing in our staff, programs, and infrastructure. Through high-touch, personalized, and dynamic experiences coupled with a suite of tech-enabled, data-driven tools, we aim to reduce friction for our tenants and prospective tenants throughout the leasing process and the entire duration of the lease term.

We believe that our tenants’ success is our success. Discover how our offerings can maximize office and business efficiency.


Dynamic, Personalized & Flexible Workspaces



Sage’s in-house design department meets with every prospective tenant to understand the company’s workspace goals, personal design aesthetic, and future growth needs to devise highly personalized space plans to maximize operational and employee efficiency.



Sage pre-builts are designed with the underlying infrastructure to support a multitude of layouts throughout the tenant’s occupancy. This enables tenants to convert their space, easily adding or reconfiguring private offices, open or break out spaces and communal meeting/work areas.

Sage flexible design enables tenants to personalize their space, selecting design packages including alternate lighting, pantry cabinet and backsplash finishes, wall coverings, ceiling baffles and a multitude of other finishes allowing tenants’ workplaces to reflect their own company and not that of the landlord’s.



Sign your lease and move in the next day.

Every new Sage pre-built is designed to expedite a tenant’s occupancy, mitigate up-front capital and reduce operating expenses over the course of their tenancy.

Suites are Lit: Pre-wired, active wireless and pre-installed IT hardware package enables companies to be online day of move-in.


Expedited Leasing and Relocation Support


short-form lease

Sage offers all tenants under 10,000sf and 5-years or less of lease term the ability to utilize a short-form lease expediting time to close from an average of 3 months down to as soon as 1-week. The shortened time frame reduces average attorney fees from $3/sf to $1/sf, saving money for our tenants.


Relocation Services (Launching 2020)

A dedicated “Tenant Advocate” is assigned to all prospective tenants at lease out to assist in their relocation process into a Sage property.  Tenant Advocates provide a check-list that ensures a frictionless and expedited relocation. Tenant Advocates can act as leads to bid and procure discounted services through a network of preferred vendors, including, but not limited to: moving companies, telecom consultation and installation, IT & AV consultants and furniture vendors.


Campus Amenities


Club 7

Club 7 is the heart of Sage’s tenant amenity hub. A tenant lounge, connected to outdoor space and an adjacent boardroom, Club 7 offers employees various environments to work, dine, and socialize.

Club 7 is utilized by Sage Portfolio Companies to host town-halls, employee appreciation events, training seminars and corporate events. Club 7 enables our companies to expand their corporate offerings and be utilized as an extension of their office space without having to allocate valuable square footage in their own office space.

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sky lounges

437 Madison: Wraparound terrace on the 15th floor of 437 Madison provides more than just seating and spectacular views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Private events as well as formal meetings can also be held on the sky lounge with its outdoor wet bar, built-in tech and lighting systems, and first of its kind outdoor conference rooms.


dri Initiative

Even the small things make a difference. On foul weather days, Sage stations maximum coverage, superior strength Blunt umbrellas in all of their lobbies for the use of their tenants. Stop by, show your ID, and head out to your next meeting, grab lunch or make your way home, sheltered and dry.


Community & Activism

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art program

For Sage and throughout its 90 year history, art has always been a focal point, not an afterthought. It is our mission to provide unexpected moments of delight to our tenants. Hence, the steel replica of a World War I Sopwith Camel fighter plane on the rooftop of 77 Water, the world’s largest active chess board located at 767 Third, and immersive art portals at 2 Gansevoort.


public spaces & activations

As proud caretakers of public space throughout Manhattan, Sage has been at the forefront of urban design. We strive to create environments of respite for New Yorkers to take a moment to enjoy their surroundings, whether it be sitting on a bouncing bench at 767 Third, a giant red swing in the heart of midtown, a winding bench at 437 Madison, or in the quiet enclave of Bennett Park at 77 Water.

Programs and activations commissioned by Sage seek to delight our tenants, the local community, and visitors alike.